Episode Two

‘You just have to get back out into the world to see that hardly anyone saw the post. Turn on all your notifications again and post something else on Facebook and you’ll see that it’s already been forgotten. None of us are that important. Get up, laugh at yourself and get over it.’

Joel was sure his world had been turned upside down when he accidentally posted a picture of a man’s penis on his parenting blog D-D-Dad, but maybe his wife, Sylvia, is right:  None of us are that important.

This might be the chance for him to take his life in a new direction and discover a side of himself he didn’t know existed.

Sylvia puts a hand behind my neck and kisses me gently, passionately, pulling away slightly then leaning in again to kiss me harder. ‘I’m the only one you should be scared of. If you don’t please me, you don’t get any of this.’


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