Episode Three

‘We didn’t make any ground rules.’

‘Well,’ says Sylvia, ‘one of the ground rules is don’t involve the male sex toy you found on Craigslist in your family life. That’s like 101 of unsaid, plainly obvious to almost everybody, ground rules.’

Joel is branching out into new directions under the watchful eye of his wife, Sylvia. But nothing is as easy or as obvious as it seems. Change brings challenges.

Will Joel be smart enough to navigate through a blogger cold-war with his internet rivals, a ménage-a-trois with his wife and organize his father’s art show?

Or should he have stuck with being just a simple dick-assistant and daddy blogger?

Only as Episode 3 comes to a mind-tingling conclusion will Joel be able to grasp what he has been offered.

‘Okay, here are two ground rules: no sexual contact with anyone unless I’m there with you and no touching yourself, at all, unless I say it’s okay.’

‘Hey, but what if I need to…urinate?’

Sylvia winks as she leaves the room. ‘You’ll find a way.’


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