Episode One

‘You’re going to be my Dick Assistant.’

Sylvia stops to laugh a little, but in a distracted way as she’s slipping her laptop into her work bag and zipping it up and looking at the clock. ‘You send me one dick picture every day with a text to tell me why you like that particular one so much.’

When Joel, a stay-at-home Dad, accepts his new role as Dick Assistant to his successful, corporate wife, he knows it will be just what their sex life needed. But when he accidentally posts a dick picture to his parenting blog D-D-Dad? he is shocked by just how far he and his social media enemies are prepared to go.

‘What about you? How far are you prepared to go?’

Joel’s offline and online worlds collide shaking the foundation of his personal boundaries, his beliefs about love, sex and sexuality.

In Episode One we meet several members of a cast of colourful characters in a modern day outer city suburb. Joel and Sylvia stumble upon the panacea to their mostly sexless marriage but the promise of high-risk intimacy comes with the risk of public exposure that a guy like Joel might not be prepared for.