No breakfast suits me very well. A coffee with butter and coconut oil and I’m clearer in thought than I am if I’ve had a massive plate or bowl of something.

Within a month I’ll have the entire first series, five episodes, on Amazon,  ready to be marketed. Marketing is the tough thing for me. It’ll be a steep learning curve but I’m committed to it.

The series is a strange one, a little funny, a little controversial, a little confronting, and probably not to the liking of most genre-loving people. In fact, I think the market for these books will be very small.

The people who will find something in them are out there though. The goal for me then, is to find them. Six months ago I stressed about finding an audience. But I’ve turned a corner recently. I’d like to get the books to the right people and I’ll do my best but if I try and try for years and years and the audience doesn’t materialize in one form or another I’ll be okay with it. I’ll still wrap myself up in my death blanket with a sense of satisfaction that these books, whatever they might mean, were written just for me.