Forces have conspired against me recently to prevent me from writing and editing as much as I want to. That’s life I guess. But while I was cleaning the house and preparing the kids for school post holidays, right as I was clearing last terms mess out of their school bags, I found myself lost in the world of Some Kind of Superstar, wondering about Joel and Sylvia, worrying about them, not sure if they were going to find their way through all the craziness and remain together, or if they’ll be torn apart.

I was so lost in thought it was if I was thinking about actual people who exist in the actual world. It pulled me out of a recent despair about my writing.

The story – Joel, Sylvia, the tensions and dynamics between the main characters – still feels very much alive to me. So I know that the spark won’t fizzle out as long as the story is still waiting to be uncovered. Whatever happens I’ll get back to it. In fact, I’ll get back into it right now.