The publishing and marketing side of this business is not the side that makes me eager to start the day. I’ve spent more time on that than writing and creating these past few weeks and it’s a drag on my mood, that’s for sure. If the entire writing process is a big blokey jacket I’m wearing, then the marketing side of things is only a pocket on the side. I just have to keep dipping my hand into it occasionally.

I haven’t edited the second series in a week and am nowhere near close to starting the writing of the third series. That’s where my effort has to go first, almost every day.

If there’s some flow to a new story, some excitement or frustration to get lost in, I am one motivated motherfucker, not just in the writing part of my life, but in all parts. A better husband, a better dad, a better weightlifter, a person who is more enthusiastic about life in general.

My meditation sessions lately have helped to make this clearer. There has to be some release to the attachment of an outcome. Trust, work, let go. Where the stories end up – online or offline, in the hands of a reader or lost like a pieces of debris in the tsunami of stories that are rolling out all over the world – matters less than writing the stories, new stories, every day. There’s something magical about creating. And for me to feel connected to myself and others, and to feel inspired about life, I need a little magic. I need to be creating everyday.