Tyson’s at home, sick, and we’re getting close to a record here with the number of sick days the boys are clocking up. That means Tys will be on the six-foot ottoman in front of the TV watching Boss Baby while I get into the final edits of episodes four and five of Some Kind of Superstar, Series One.

I’ve been thinking about the structure of the books lately. Many ‘experts’ – editors and writers and the like – would probably suggest I could cut some scenes from my books. But my thoughts, after mulling on it for a looong time, is that the new way of sharing stories allows for a greater expansion of the characters lives and thoughts. Everything I’ve included in the first series, every word, adds at least something to the development of the characters and can give greater insight to the reader.

Writing stories that can be shared online as opposed to stories that had to find their way to a reader in a physical package, like a book, is like comparing the building of a virtual house in a virtual world, to building a physical house in the physical world. I don’t have the boundaries of a block restricting my house. The house I’m building might only need four rooms to satisfy my needs but I might just decide that I like the option of five rooms, or twelve, or a thousand. I can expand on the house forever, just for fun, visit new rooms, for slightly different lighting, aromas, moods, tensions.

There are no space restrictions online. A story can grow to be as large as it wants. It can present itself to others when the time is right. A new installment could be one thousand words or one hundred thousand.

Is evolving the story like this the best way to make a million bucks? Probably not. Will you lose some readers who want their stories delivered in neat packages with tight structures and spines of the exact same dimensions? Probably. But, for me, the freedom to let a story roll itself out into a border-less world outweighs all of that.

The five minutes pre-writing ritual bell has gone! Into it for reals….