Today the first three episodes of Some Kind of Superstar, Series One are uploaded to Amazon and available for pre-order and I should be very excited and pumped to have finally got to this point. But I am more hankered down by doubt than ever before. My idea to fit with the current turn of shorter attention spans, by publishing the books in smaller episodes, now feels like a mistake. I don’t know. I shouldn’t care so much about the possibility of disappointing people but it’s a hard thing to push aside. That people may reach the end of the book and feel irate that the series is episodic, that each book continues on to the next, worries me. I have to keep reminding myself that indie publishing allows for experimentation and changes.

If this is not the best way to do things it will be revealed to me over the coming months and years and I can try a different approach. Doubts aside as much as possible and keep moving forward.