Getting a little it of a buzz thinking about how technology might come in to further the SKOSS books. The story deals with social media, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and likes and comments and shares, so it makes sense that the characters would have real life Twitter handles, or blogs, or Tumblr sites etc. There are key points in the plot that centre around accidental Facebook postings for instance, and an ongoing war between two bloggers where a lot of the tension is built through blog posts and Twitter messages, so I’m really excited by the possibility of a reader being able to click over to see the blog post that just about ruined Joel’s life, or the Twitter message Sylvia sent on Joel’s behalf that led to an intervention order being lodged by the recipient. Even just having Taylor’s ‘Transgender Alliance’ Tumblr blog, or Diana’s ‘Decadent Diana’ Tumble blog accessible would be a great fun thing to do.

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