For the past two months I’ve been reading over the first 80,000 words of Some Kind of Superstar 2, editing, shaping things, deleting chapters and in that time, the research I’ve been doing on Self Publishing – reading, listening to podcasts, and yes, as crazy as it sounds, participating in a marketing course – has slowly convinced me that publishing in the future will change pretty dramatically. The length of books, how books are accessed and read, how stories are packaged, how technological advances will impact on the very structure of our brain to make a sustained dedication to a large slab of book less likely. I’ve rewritten SKOSS 1 into five novellas and in the editing of SKOSS 2 I’m thinking of releasing even smaller segments that will amount to five or ten minute episodes – mobile phone ready – with the ability to opt in to the next episode, and the next and the next…. The story arcs will still be there, the story will still hold as a whole, but it will be the desire to re-enter a particular fictional world, the desire to re-connect with particular characters that will drive the reader from one episode to the next. This is the idea anyway, and something to try.

Current Word Count (SKOSS 2): 86693