Some Kind of Superstar Series One is with an editor and I had my first fortnightly meeting with her last night.

She’s sending me through the previous two weeks of editing before we chat so that I can read it over and comment, is developing a style sheet as she works her way through the manuscript and doing all those great things that editors do, like querying long sentences and characters that appear and disappear without any real purpose, checking for inconsistencies in tense¬†etc.

It was a fun first chat and, yes, of course I got carried away at one point – when we moved on to discussing publishing and motivation for writing and what creating stories means to different people – by ranting for about fifteen minutes straight. But hey I’m sure she’s worked with bigger nut-bars than me. Our plan is to have the edit finished by November so hopefully I’ll have a publishing date in mind soon. Feels like things are moving along! In the meantime I’m at the real slog stage with the second series, loving it and obsessed with it at the same time that I’m almost too scared to open the file everyday to start working on it again.

Repeating that mantra – just sit down, put the time in, and something will happen!