Yesterday was tough. I was writing about 300 words an hour but somehow managed to fit in three full hours anyway so ended up hitting the 1000 word target before getting to bed. I don’t know what makes for a slow day of writing. I can go into it feeling okay and thinking I’m hitting some kind of flow but then I’m stuck all of a sudden, rewriting a paragraph over and over, unable to get out of my own head, to get out of the way, as they say, and let the story tell itself. But even with all this uncertainty and the frustrating days and this voice right in the core of my consciousness that keeps telling me that yesterday’s writing was horrid, that the sentences were clunky and dull and that the characters are not revealing themselves in any engaging way at all, I just have to keep fronting up every day, push that voice to the side, smite it with the back of my hand like it’s a filthy mangy dog sniffing at my pockets, and just keep going, keep going, because I’ve been through this all before and I know that I’ll look back when the first draft of this book is finished, with the critical voice silenced somewhat, and see everything a little more clearly.

Current Word Count: 56776