Friends around Friday night, kids sports over the weekend and a heavy focus on preparing for Tyson’s birthday party means that I haven’t written since Thursday, have hardly thought about the book really, but I’m okay with it, reaching my minimum word count – 5000 – and thinking that the story is really taking shape. Also, Thursday night I sat down, with the intention of sending a few emails and then just chilling out for a few hours before bed, but remembered I promised Allison – friend and beta reader – that I would edit the final twenty or so pages to book one and send it to her so she could finish reading it. There was no way I was going to work on it there and then and only opened it to have a bit of a look at some of the glaring errors I’d found reading back on it earlier. But then three hours passed by and I’d edited the whole section. So that was good.

Current Word Count: 51250