My playlist for book two of Some Kind of Superstar has really changed from book one and it’s a bit surprising really. Three Justin Beiber songs, that woman who sings ‘Lush Life’ – Zara something, I think – Taylor Swift, Pony by Genuwine of course, as always, among a dozen others. It’s a light crazy occasionally melodramatic teenagey collection of songs which is interesting because book two is dealing with some darker themes like betrayal, infidelity, disillusionment, isolation, etc. I actually like the contrast it creates. And maybe it’s developed this way to keep some humour in the book, and to make that point to myself – which I tend to do again and again whenever I write a book – that no matter how bad things get there will still be bright, sunny days and birds chirping. Megastars will still wear their bling and make millions of bucks and get a heap of YouTube views and all this suggests – in a completely indirect and uncaring way – that your life is hardly important to anyone at all, and that one day the sun will burn out and freeze everyone to death so that all of us – even the chirpy birds and even the Justin Beibers – will be shifting from one temporary mountain of fine dust to another on a cold dead rock.

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