Yesterday was a grind grind grind but then I came through in the last five minutes with a paragraph that’s ready to expand and inform the rest of the book. It gives insight into the psychology of Joel while still allowing for a strong sense of mystery. His Mum enters the story. She was almost entirely missing from book one, except for revealing her fate. But there was always this sense, as I was writing, that his Mum impacted on him heavily. He’s hiding from her, I think, because focussing on her much might force him to confront something about who he is, something he doesn’t have the inner strength to absorb. This also relates to his son Dylan and what Joel sees in how people react to him. Now that a stressful situation has caused a spontaneous memory of his Mum to surface, they will continue to come. Not so much as ‘the flood gates have opened’ but more like ‘the pipe has sprung a leak’. The drop of water will gather weight and finally fall when he is least prepared for it. The stress will keep coming and so will the memories and I feel sorry for Joel, actually sad for what he’s about to go through. I feel empathy and a need to rescue him. But hey, there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only watch.

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