Yesterday was a good day, in terms of writing. I had a bit of a breakthrough I think. Joel’s voice had been slipping in an out of my head a little – sometimes I felt he was there and other times he disappeared and the narration sounded toneless and boring. I think it was probably because I hadn’t found the tension yet and was following him through a series of chance meetings searching for it. The tension, of course, was always going to be found in his relationship with Sylvia and his relationship with social media. It popped back in during a phone call which was going to be a passable, probably delete-able scene, and ended up pulling that slightly paranoid, frenetically charged, totally Joel head space right back into the book, and I felt that thrilling burst – so common in book one – for the first time. Joel is back! A new character has appeared to add a bit of the sinister and I’m looking forward to my daily writing sprints all over again. Times Up! Into it!