Today’s news was as exciting as any I’ve ever received because after two months of negotiations with Random House Australia, Truce Films have acquired the rights to my book Reservoir Dad, and they’re going to adapt it into a feature length film.

The contract has been written up and is awaiting my signature and I’ve been celebrating since picking the boys up from school, having a drink while adorning the clothes horse, having a drink while making dinner, having a drink through a riotous dinner-time of dropped forks and food refusals and cross the table cock-fighting that almost gave me a stroke, and yet another drink after Reservoir Mum got home from work as we high-fived and corralled the boys through showers and baths and into their pyjamas.

It was as I was taking some sopping towels to the laundry that I shouted out, ‘Right, bed and teeth… I mean… teeth and bed’ and it was only when RM shouted, ‘It’s only six thirty’ that I said, ‘Wow,’ surprised to be ahead of schedule despite the whoop and holler of our news.

When I caught RM on the way back down the hall and said, ‘Hey, I haven’t had a shower in two days, do you mind if I have thirty minutes of me-time?’, RM smacked me on the cracker and said, ‘Sure.’

The producers of Truce Films, Michael Ciccone and Jim Wright, and the director Nicholas Clifford came to our house several weeks ago and we got along well and I’m wrapped that they want me to be involved in the treatment stage of the process and that’s why I just spent ten minutes more on the toilet than I needed to, having another drink and listening to music, distracted by my own book, wondering what scenes will be pulled out for the film, what will be adapted, what will be left out, what I still might have to contribute to fill in gaps in the story.

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