The Hilarious New Series!

When Joel agrees to a new 24/7 erotic game with his successful, corporate wife, he knows it will be just what their sex life needs. But when an accidental posting to his parenting blog D-D-Dad? makes their private game public, he is shocked by just how far he and his social media enemies are prepared to go.

Joel’s offline and online worlds collide (hilariously ) shaking the foundation of his personal boundaries, his beliefs about love, sex and sexuality. 


In Book One we meet several members of a cast of colourful characters in a modern day outer city suburb. Joel and Sylvia stumble upon the panacea to their mostly sexless marriage but the promise of high-risk intimacy comes with the risk of public exposure that a guy like Joel just might not be prepared for.

Some scenes contain explicit adult material. For mature readers only.


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